Presentation poetry machine Poet of Fryslân


On Saturday, February 3rd, the start of the four poetry machines of the poets Grytsje Schaaf, Sytse Jansma, Elmar Kuiper and the Dichter fan Fryslân, Eeltsje Hettinga, took place in Tresoar.

The poets worked together with the artists Kaneli and Smit, Machteld van Buren and Hans Wijnbergen. With the presentation of the poem ‘Au Musée’, also on this website, the Poet of Fryslân opened the exhibition of the poetry machines in Tresoar. The machines can still be admired throughout the year.

Poet of Fryslân newspaper in a circulation fan of 77,000


With a circulation of 77,000 copies, Eeltsje Hettinga closes his duty as Poet of Fryslân ad and brings poetry home with a large selection of his Poet of Fryslân poems.

Nyk de Vries new Poet of Fryslân


Today at the Explore the North festival in Leeuwarden, Nyk de Vries was appointed by deputy for the province of Fryslân Sietske Poepjes as the new Poet of Fryslân. Nyk de Vries succeeds Eeltsje Hettinga, who took leave of his position as first Poet of Fryslân today.