Dichter fan Fryslân

Poet of Fryslân

Dichter van Fryslân

Nyk de Vries 09/06/2021


where her mother was born

in that little house
in the Stellingwerven

or much further south
in the cramped room
with a view of the mountains

will it show?

in the chances she’ll get
in the happiness she’ll find
in how much they’ll need to raise to pay for it
the space she will dare
take up

you can say, what is a chance really?

and what’s happiness?

something she
will only know much later
when looking back herself

finding a path




Translation: David Colmer



Poet of Fryslân

The Poet of Fryslân writes six to ten poems a year, and knows how to reach and tie to an audience with his poetry. The poems are highly preferred in the Frisian language or in a Frisian regional language.

The Poet of Fryslân acts as a poetic ambassador and takes care of Fryslân’s poetic representation in a modern and inviting manner. Inside and outside the province. Preferably inspired by actual events or special moments that occur in our province. The Poet of Fryslân knows, in a contemporary and accessible way, how to present current and social themes in poetry.

The Poet of Fryslân is expected to perform a number of times a year on yet to be determined occasions.

Nyk de Vries

On Thursday, November 21st, 2019, Nyk de Vries was officially appointed Poet of Fryslân for the next two years. The appointment by deputy Sietske Poepjes took place in the Stadskas of the Explore the North festival in Leeuwarden.

As the Poet of Fryslân, Nyk de Vries will act as the poetic ambassador of Fryslân for the next two years. He writes six to ten poems a year, preferably inspired by striking and current events in the province. The Poet of Fryslân receives a fixed fee of € 2,500 per year for this and € 250 for each poem.