Dichter fan Fryslân

Poet of Fryslân

Dichter van Fryslân

Sigrid Kingma 03/05/2023


No, we’re not angry my dear
we are in agreement
about those crazy Germans
trading clean energy for
dirty problems
in your future

We’re not afraid my dear
for when the water comes
in your future
you’ll be able to swim by then
but first a nice bath

Now we’re tired my dear
tired of thinking
about your future
all those lakes
all those trees
all those dams
we’ll have to build
the energy it’ll require

Just go to sleep darling
tomorrow is another beautiful day.



Translation: Trevor Scarse

Poet of Fryslân

The Poet of Fryslân writes six to ten poems a year, and knows how to reach and tie to an audience with his poetry. The poems are highly preferred in the Frisian language or in a Frisian regional language.

The Poet of Fryslân acts as a poetic ambassador and takes care of Fryslân’s poetic representation in a modern and inviting manner. Inside and outside the province. Preferably inspired by actual events or special moments that occur in our province. The Poet of Fryslân knows, in a contemporary and accessible way, how to present current and social themes in poetry.

The Poet of Fryslân is expected to perform a number of times a year on yet to be determined occasions.

Sigrid Kingma

Sigrid Kingma (Drachten, 1989) studied Dutch and Frisian at the University of Groningen. She is known as a stage poet and performs regularly within and outside of the Province of Fryslân and as a poet, reviewer and columnist, Sigrid Kingma has made contributions to several magazines.

In 2016 she made her debut with the bilingual poetry collection ‘Reade triedleas/Red wireless’. Since then she has participated in several international multilingual projects. “I don’t want to limit myself to one kind of audience, one style or even one art form; I want to keep reinventing myself.”