New poem Poet of Frylân: ‘Skip fûgel lân’.


Above the Wadden Islands is one of the busiest shipping routes in Europe. Things went wrong at the beginning of January when the Panamanian cargo ship MSC Zoë lost 345 containers with hazardous substances and plastic material. An ecological disaster. With gas and salt extraction, yet another attack on the Wadden Sea Region, which has been “Unesco World Heritage” since 2009. The Wadden Sea Association wrote last week, March 5, about pollution at sea: “Microplastic and polystyrene pellets and other junk from the MSC Zoë will stay in the marine environment for a long time with consequences for marine life and ultimately for humans.”

The Poet of Fryslân, Eeltsje Hettinga, wrote a poem about it: ‘Skip fûgel lân‘.

National Poetry Day


Today the national Poetry Week starts with the National Poetry Day. Nyk de Vries, Poet of Fryslân, wrote the poem “Uncertain”.

Poet of Fryslân newspaper in a circulation of 77,000


With a circulation of 77,000 copies, Eeltsje Hettinga closes his duty as Poet of Fryslân ad and brings poetry home with a large selection of his Poet of Fryslân poems.