First applications for ‘Dichter van Fryslân’ have been received


A week after the opening of the subscription period, the first applications for ‘Poet of Fryslân’ have been received. Want to apply? Send a brief motivation together with one self-written new Frisian poem fia the application form on this website.

On this website you will also find more information about the procedure, what we ask and what we offer. The subscription period runs until Sunday 10 September. 43 days left …

National Poetry Day


Today the national Poetry Week starts with the National Poetry Day. Nyk de Vries, Poet of Fryslân, wrote the poem “Uncertain”.

Poet of Fryslân newspaper in a circulation of 77,000


With a circulation of 77,000 copies, Eeltsje Hettinga closes his duty as Poet of Fryslân ad and brings poetry home with a large selection of his Poet of Fryslân poems.