Eeltsje Hettinga 07/12/2018


On the presentation of the Friese Anjer,
offered to all volunteers of LF2018


More than just a careful pair of hands
handing out leaflets or slipping on a coat,
they are the grease that stops
the city’s gears from grinding to a halt.

Priceless, like selfless giants,
royal de luxe, they keep
the wheels turning, even when their bosses
take off with the dosh.

The roads of their realm run
behind the scenes, with jobs at libraries,
shifts in community centres and now
and then an ear against a lonely door.

Showing the way in theatres and homes,
the girl with the red bow in her hair
pushes someone to the front row and says:
‘What you give is what you are.’



Translation: David Colmer