April 14: opening exhibition gallery melklokaal


Opening solo exhibition “The ground from under my feet” by Astrid Nobel (1983) in gallery melklokaal, Heerenveen by Poet of Fryslân, Eeltsje Hettinga.

Arjan Hut new Poet of Fryslân: ‘Less WiFi, more poetry!’


Arjan Hut (Drachten, 1976) was officially appointed as the new Poet of Fryslân by deputy Eke Folkerts today at the Explore the North festival in Leeuwarden. The appointment is for two years. Arjan Hut is the fourth Poet Fan of Fryslân and the successor to Sigrid Kingma.

Last poem Sigrid Kingma as Poet of Fryslân


‘Once more’ is the last poem by Sigrid Kingma as Poet of Fryslân. Can also be read today in the Friesch Dagblad, the Leeuwarder Courant and on the Omrop Fryslân website.