After Trinus Riemersma
‘I can’t stand the aggravation
I can’t function without its intoxication’



He was right, of course, to grumble it’s all a mess:
a constant stream of muck and we’re up to our necks.

The British head of state outlived by a head of lettuce
beach buddies kicking it just to upset us
your insensitivity becoming problematic?
find an academic term and lessen the panic
hope you get some earthquake compensation
because you won’t receive any for inflation.

Sign up for a motivational session
to fight your daylight savings depression
binge watch war propaganda – highlight
of the check-in queue for your holiday flight
barbecuing on lava goes more viral
than your leaders at the football final.

Everybody’s ethically compromised
slave profiteering easily vocalised
options for disaster tourism in excess:
go in a Macintosh or a cocktail dress?
victims of tax witch hunts yesterday’s news
today it’s the self-scan checkout blues.

Spoilt for choice of misery
tangerines mixed in with the Halloween candy
and for every difficult word
there’s a short one that fits
but decency doesn’t permit
me to utter it.



Translation: Trevor Scarse