Poet of Fryslân recites to the Dutch embassy of Rome


On Tuesday April 12, Sigrid Kingma will recite a poem as Poet of Fryslân to a delegation from the Dutch Embassy of Rome and Dutch Culture. The delegation will visit various institutions in Friesland. The poem by the Poet of Fryslân that will be recited is also expected to be translated into Ladin and Furlan. Two small languages from the north of Italy.

Poet of Fryslân writes poem for ‘Bosk’ by Arcadia


‘Wanderer’ is the latest poem by Sigrid Kingma as the Poet of Fryslân. Also available today in the Friesch Dagblad, the Leeuwarder Courant and on the website of Omrop Fryslân.

Poet of Frylân invited to Sardinia literary festival


Poet of Fryslân Sigrid Kingma has been invited to a literary festival in Sardinia. She heard this on Tuesday evening during a visit by a delegation of Italian language minorities to Fryslân.