Sigrid Kingma is the new Poet of Fryslân!


Today at the Explore the North festival in Leeuwarden, Sigrid Kingma (Drachten, 1989) was appointed as the new Poet of Fryslân by deputy Sietske Poepjes. The appointment is for two years. Sigrid Kingma thus succeeds Nyk de Vries, who today said goodbye to his position as Poet of Fryslân with the presentation of a new collection of poems.

Poet of Fryslân Sigrid Kingma: “I am delighted with my appointment as Poet of Fryslân! The role of Poet of Fryslân fits in with my working method as a poet. I take the stage, I’ve got a sharp eye for what is going on and strive to rise above the everyday. I want to use the next two years to give poetry a wider reach by combining art forms.”

As Poet of Fryslân, Sigrid Kingma will act as poetic ambassador for the next two years. She writes six to ten poems a year, inspired by striking and current affairs in the province of Fryslân. An advisory committee, consisting of Annemarie Lindeboom, Cilla Geurtsen and Tsead Bruinja (chairman), has nominated the new Poet of Fryslân to the Provincial Executive.

Poetryfilms Poet of Fryslân on film festival


A live performance by Poet of Fryslân Nyk de Vries (including his film work) and filmed poetry from the Fries Film & Audio Archive.

Last poem by Nyk de Vries as Poet of Fryslân


Today the last poem by Nyk de Vries as Poet of Fryslân was published. This time a poem especially dedicated to Pink Saturday.