Video recordings poem ‘Ship bird land’ documentary BNN-VARA


On Wednesday 10 April, video recordings will be made of the recitation of the poem ‘Ship bird land’  for a BNN-VARA documentary about the container disaster with the cargo ship MSC-Zoë, early January.

Premiere of poetry video Poet van Fryslân – ‘Binman’


Yesterday, the third of a series of poetry videos by Nyk de Vries as Poet of Fryslân premiered on Omrop Fryslân TV. The third poetry film is based on the poem ‘Binman’.

Poet of Fryslân poem ‘Anne and Arie’ in video compilation UNESCO International Mother Language Day


Sunday February 21st is UNESCO International Mother Language Day. The NPLD (Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity) is making a multilingual video compilation of spoken cultural expressions in small languages.