Poem Poet of Friesland in smartphone app


Tuesday the 17th of July the app ‘Taal fan it hert’ was presented. At the initiative of the Province of Fryslân, a ten-year-old edition of the booklet ‘Taal fan it hert’ is now available as a smartphone app.

Especially for this app the Poet of Friesland, Eeltsje Hettinga, wrote the poem ‘It klappen fan de dyk’ which can be found in a German, English, Dutch translation in the app and in the brochure.

The app is for tourists and Frisians who want to know more about Frisian, Frisian and Friesland. The app ‘Taal fan it hert’ can be downloaded in the Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Last poem by Nyk de Vries as Poet of Fryslân


Today the last poem by Nyk de Vries as Poet of Fryslân was published. This time a poem especially dedicated to Pink Saturday.

Presentation of new Poet of Fryslân


On Friday afternoon, November 12 at 4:00 PM, the new Poet of Fryslân will be announced during Explore the North in the Westerkerk in Leeuwarden.