Large number of applications for Poet of Fryslân


As many as 36 poets have applied for the job of Poet of Fryslân. Until September 10, candidates could enroll for Poet of Fryslân by sending a Friesian poem and sending a brief motivation.

From today the public can also hear his voice. The jury, Tamara Schoppert, Obe Alkema and Peter van Lier, has made a pre-selection of three candidates from all submissions. On the website of Poet of Fryslân:, everyone can vote on his or her favorite poem of one of three candidates.

Then the jury, with respect to the public votes, decides which of the three candidates is proposed as the first Poet of Fryslân. On Friday, November 24th, Deputy Sietske Poepjes, in Herman Gorterkerk in Balk will announce who wille be the first Poet of Fryslân.

The project ‘Poet of Fryslân’ is an initiative of the province of Fryslân and is carried out by the Afûk. With the appointment of the Poet of Fryslân, the province wants to ask more attention to the art of poetry in a wider audience.

National Poetry Day


Today the national Poetry Week starts with the National Poetry Day. Nyk de Vries, Poet of Fryslân, wrote the poem “Uncertain”.

Poet of Fryslân newspaper in a circulation of 77,000


With a circulation of 77,000 copies, Eeltsje Hettinga closes his duty as Poet of Fryslân ad and brings poetry home with a large selection of his Poet of Fryslân poems.