Selection procedure and nomination

Poets are asked to sign up by means of a short letter and one new Frisian poem. The letter must briefly state why the candidate considers himself fit as Poet of Fryslân and what his plans are. Applications via this website, via email or by mail.

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  • The submitted applications are evaluated by a professional and expert jury.


  • From the entries, three candidates are selected based on the poem and motivation. The poems of the three candidates will be posted anonymously on this website.


  • The public will then have a week to vote on one of the three poems via the website of Dichter van Fryslân.


  • Both the jury judgment and the public vote are part of the overall final report submitted by the jury to the Deputies. On the basis of this, the Deputies decide who they appoint to Poet of  Fryslân.


  • The title of Poet of Fryslân will be valid for two years, from the end of 2017 until the end of 2019. With the nomination, the Province of Fryslân wishes to address the art of poetry to a wider audience.