Oranjewoud Festival presenting the Poet of Fryslân


Next Sunday, June 3, video artist Lotte Middendorp and writer-poet Eeltsje Hettinga will present a half-hour film and poetry program at the Oranjewoud Festival. The premiere of the new film Reid – Wurd – Wyn, part of the multi – media and multilingual poetry project It Font.

Lotte Middendorp and Eeltsje Hettinga explain their multi-year cooperation project and show that the images are not just a picture of a chat. As Poet of Fryslân Hettinga presents some poems related to the films, including the very first It Font poem ‘In spegel de see’.

In the work of both artists, visual art, recitation, music and poetry are intertwined in a strongly sensory way. The water, the coast and the sea form the red thread in the whole.

Films from It Font, including the short film It Let which is screened on the Oranjewoud Festival on Sunday, were shows earlier at the Frankfurter Buchmesse, Museum Belvédère and the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden.


Sunday, June 3, 7:00pm at ‘t Proevertje at the Oranjewoud Festival

Opinybydrage Dichter fan Fryslân LC 23 novimber 2018


‘It lûd fan it nasjonalisme blaft hjoed-de-dei rûnom oer Europa. Mei it each op de polarisearre ferhaldings is it tiid en gean mei-inoar om ’e tafel.’ Lês de opinybydrage fan Eeltsje Hettinga as Dichter fan Fryslân. Earder publisearre yn de Ljouwerter Krante fan freed 23 novimber.     It lûd fan it nasjonalisme blaft hjoed-de-dei […]

Opinybydrage Dichter fan Fryslân LC October 20


De Dichter fan Fryslân, Eeltsje Hettinga, fêstiget de oandacht op in Frysk-Surinaamske link yn it Surinaamske folksliet. Lês hjir de opinybydrage fan de Dichter fan Fryslân yn de Ljouwerter Krante fan 20 oktober 2018.